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Calibration Service

Broomfield have developed a dedicated customer oriented gauge block recalibration service with all calibration work being personally handled on a one technician to one job basis.

As one of the few laboratories in the world to have attained UKAS Class 'A', the Broomfield laboratory can calibrate all grades of gauge including grades 00 and K.

Standard Tungsten Carbide Gauge Block Sets

New Gauge Block Calibration

All new tungsten carbide gauge blocks are calibrated in the Broomfield laboratory.

The calibration procedure for UKAS Class 'C' includes:

Atmospheric stabilisation of the gauges in a temperature controlled area.
Measurements taken by comparison with UKAS approved Broomfield Gauge Masters.
Five readings are recorded to check for flatness and parallelism.
The centre point reading is issued as a calibration chart.

Used Gauge Block Calibration

To ensure compliance with BS EN ISO 17025:2017 quality assurance procedures, it is essential to have gauge blocks recalibrated at regular intervals.

The Broomfield recalibration service includes:

On receipt each gauge is cleaned and inspected by a technician.
If required the gauge will be lightly lapped to remove burrs which may affect accurate measurements or wringability.
For UKAS Class 'C' recalibration, the process continues as with new gauge blocks.
Gauges calibrated to UKAS Class 'A' are checked by interferometry on both gauging faces.

Out of Tolerance Gauge Blocks

While Broomfield will always treat out-of-tolerance gauges in accordance with each customer's own quality assurance standards, it is recommended that gauges found to be out of tolerance are replaced so as to prevent the downgrading of the entire set.

UKAS Certification

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